Equality and Diversity

We believe that our courses and the wider environment should be open, accessible and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. Any discrimination towards individuals or groups of people is unacceptable, 

especially when that leads to bullying, harassment or someone being treated in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or afraid. Each and every one of us should positively recognise the different needs of those around us, celebrate everyone's contribution to our community and be sensitive to the needs of all students.

This encourages learning and achievement for everyone. We are delighted to have students from a wide range of backgrounds with different experiences and personal attributes and want everybody in our community to feel confident about studying here.

We will:

  • Work to create an environment where everybody feels safe, respected and listened to
  • Recognise and celebrate individual differences
  • Prevent and directly challenge any discrimination or unfair treatment
  • Identify areas of inequality and put in place actions to address them

This commitment runs right through all aspects of student life and we have clear policies on behaviour, anti-bullying and the rights and responsibilities of students.